Becker’s 8th Annual Meeting: Highlights & Insights

becker's highlights

Last week, the PTS team attended the Becker’s 8th Annual Meeting in Chicago and not only did we get to connect with many wonderful healthcare leaders, the sessions organized by the Becker’s team were enlightening. The various panelists from different walks of life offered valuable insight to many of the concerns and issues this industry deals with daily and we were all ears. Here are a few sound bites from some of the sessions we attended:

  • Reducing costs: With all the pressures and changes happening to health systems, there is a tightening of the belt around costs. There was significant focus on this area as several CFO panels highlighted the need to reduce costs of operations.
  • Population Health: This topic seemed to gain a lot of attention as many were asking questions like, how will health systems create workflows to address the various needs of the population? Or, will they be able to leverage the large investments in their EHR systems or will they have to create new add-ons to address? The need for interoperability to drive real-time information that is relevant to clinicians at the point of care seems to be a challenging topic.
  • Big Data: The drive to leverage the data utilizing Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence solutions seems to be an early discussion but one that is gaining traction.
  • Rural Health: This session was interesting as the panel discussed the challenges rural hospitals face such as demographics and geography, scale and not having enough physicians, EMS mandates and the need for more training sites. The lack of resources and talent pool more often than not, leads to physician burnout. The focus of many of these hospitals is maintaining access to primary care, cost structure shifting and the ability to pivot to take advantage of reimbursements and being comfortable with uncertainty.
  • The change in Washington D.: Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, has taken an active role in the healthcare conversation and didn’t provide many specifics or reassurance in terms of what leaders should expect from the government. Much of the discussion was less about leaders waiting for the White House to make moves, and more about what they can do aside from impending change. Leaders were encouraged to focus on population health and taking a proactive stance instead of a reactive position and maintaining their focus on providing their patients with the best possible experience.

Outside of the educational sessions, highlights included keynote speakers Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno and the great city of Chicago itself. All the food, architecture and culture Chicago has to offer was a breath of fresh air for our team.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to engage with other hospital executives and learn more about their stories and needs. Every conversation was another chance for us to understand better how we can truly make a difference in this ever-changing landscape of healthcare. Thanks to Becker’s Hospital Review for such a fantastic event!

becker's boothPictured: Dwayne Gunter and Taylor White