Our Proven Cost-Effective Alternative for eCQM Submissions

parallon technology solutions ecqm success

Parallon Technology Solutions (PTS) partnered with over 15 hospitals, ranging from independent community hospitals to large scale IDN facilities, to successfully submit by the March 13th, 2017 deadline imposed by the MU 2016 Stage 2 Modified final ruling. With the help of PTS, each facility was able to submit for their respective chosen Objective Measures as well as the required electronic submission of four eCQMs (Clinical Quality Measures) to QualityNet for the EHR/IQR programs therefore saving them from the risk of losing 6% in reimbursement.

With the enormity and complexity of the reporting guidelines, it was imperative that these facilities ensure that what they were submitting to CMS was accurate and reflected the quality of care being delivered. That’s where PTS comes in.

PTS leveraged certified Meditech QRDA1 and Meditech services already owned by the clients to avoid the purchase of additional 3rd party software or services. PTS provided the Quality departments with Dashboard and Detail Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services to fulfill the current reporting needs within their facilities and submitted on behalf of these clients after handling the packaging and testing of QRDA1 through the QNet PSVA tool.

As a result, PTS removed the facilities’ burden of testing and verifying data for accuracy, identifying which eCQMs would be most impactful and successful to report and provided insight to key performance metrics. Ultimately, PTS saved them time and money by attesting to the deadline and eliminating the possibility of any penalties these organizations could incur. PTS is poised to repeat this success with year 2017 eCQM submissions to the MU and IQR programs for many of these same clients and others. 2017 will incorporate submissions with CMS EHR, IQR and Joint Commission eCQMs.

Next Steps

If you would like to know how we can help you navigate the process of capturing and submitting your data for this year, please contact us at info@parallontechnology.com or call us at 855.276.9221.