Epic Ad Hoc Consulting: What to Consider

ad hoc consulting

While Epic’s project methodology provides their customers with guidance around governance, content, workflows, and resources, to ease the burden of project demand, there is still a significant amount of effort and capital required to keep up with Epic’s release schedule. Though your organization may be fully staffed, gaps exist due to a variety of reasons such as attrition, vacations, leaves of absence, etc. Instead of hiring on a contractor for a set period, why not hire someone without a large contract commitment for just the work or hours needed? Ad Hoc Consulting from Parallon Technology Solutions (PTS) provides you with the option to pay only for your immediate Epic needs, giving you the flexibility to add resources without being tied to a long-term contract or set number of hours per week, allowing you to ramp up staffing only when you decide it is necessary.

For example, imagine The Joint Commission (TJC) visits your facility and gives your organization a citation because your order sets do not meet regulatory standards. These citations need to be addressed quickly because TJC usually only allows a short turnaround for making the necessary changes. In this scenario, members of your team might have to drop everything that they are working on, causing delays on other projects and daily work, in order to adhere to these requirements. Instead, you could hire PTS Ad Hoc resources to make the TJC-required changes, allowing your team to continue their focus on projects without disruption.

Conversely, while your in-house team focuses on larger project work, Ad Hoc resources can fill in the gaps of maintenance and urgent needs that your team lacks the bandwidth to address. This approach relieves some of the pressure on your resources and allows them to focus on meeting your critical needs.

Ad hoc resources can fill in the gaps of your organization to meet a variety of needs such as:

  • New department build that requires short turnaround
  • Governmental or regulatory requirements
  • Short-term leadership guidance on new initiatives
  • Operational report and/or data requests
  • Any project you don’t have the resources to complete

Relying solely on your in-house staff to meet all your Epic needs can cause project setbacks and ultimately cost you money. At PTS, we offer a wide network of Epic experts to assist in all of your planned or urgent needs. Whether you need help with a large project or assistance catching up on maintenance work and break/fixes, our analysts will get the job done.

Next Steps:

We are healthcare operators. As an extension of HCA, PTS manages dynamics similar to your organization and our best practices come from firsthand experience. Our team is experienced and we have been successfully providing EHR services to hospital systems for over 15 years. PTS has the highest-quality experts and our network consists solely of ex-Epic or highly tenured industry professionals. Our resources can fill in the gaps of your organization and we are happy to discuss how we can help you. To contact us, please email info@parallontechnology.com or call us at 855.276.9112.