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Through strategic planning and collaboration, we provide Epic resources that help you maximize your return on investment and engage with your community.

When you invest significant dollars into a technology platform, it’s important to see a return on your investment. From assessments to implementation, to upgrades and interoperability, we help you find ways to optimize and support your Epic platform so you can focus on providing quality care within your organization and community.

Our team consists of individuals with years of experience leading Epic implementations, acquisitions, divestitures, single/double upgrades and full scale optimizations. Many of our consultants were former Epic employees or maintain valuable and in-depth technical and operational expertise. Our priority is to understand your needs and develop a customized solution that maximizes your Epic experience.

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Professional Services

Epic Services Customized to Meet Your Needs

We understand that the process of planning, implementing, upgrading, or optimizing your Epic platform is laced with complexity due to the various applications, workflows, and available resources to address evolving needs. Our team has years of experience in project management and can easily find the solution that best fits your organization. From acquisitions and divestitures, Connect, and Honor Roll, we deliver a cost-effective results that meets your organization’s operational and financial goals. We work with you to develop a strategy that maintains and supports your current operations, integrates, and extends your Epic platform to your surrounding community and drives continuous improvements so you receive reimbursements for your system’s performance. We provide the resources it takes to deliver better patient care, improve outcomes, and achieve your organization’s goals surrounding population health.

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We have experience moving hospitals and health systems from their current solution to an enterprise solution with aggressive acquisition models. Our team has transitioned hospitals from one Epic platform to another Epic platform, non-Epic EMRs to Epic and transitioned an enterprise Epic instance to a new owner’s system. We are prepared to lead and support the entire acquisition and divestiture strategy or serve as additional help in any areas of need.

Addressing interoperability, adoption, usability, and care coordination in order to connect with your community all comes down to how you effectively integrate, capture, and share data. We help you navigate the complexity involved in creating and executing a strategy that extends your Epic platform to providers and hospitals important to your mission, values, and strategic goals. We provide the resources and experience to assess your Epic platform, efficiently integrate with your community, and protect patient and financial information between you and your partner’s entities. We give you the support it takes to drive better patient care, improve outcomes, and population health.

Implementation is only the beginning of your Epic journey. Epic’s Honor Roll program guides organizations through making continuous improvements that lead to patient engagement, workflow efficiency for clinicians, and preparedness for the advancement of technology and regulatory requirements. Many organizations struggle to meet Epic’s new requirements to receive reimbursement. While the perceived cost to optimize may appear to outweigh the value returned from Epic, organizations should recognize the benefits from the enhanced system usage. Given our operational approach to optimization, we have the expertise to simplify the process. We will guide your organization towards the largest return possible through improvements that align with your strategic objectives. This process includes an assessment of your current Honor Roll standing and development and/or implementation of an action plan to meet your operational and financial goals.

Support Services

Dedicated Epic Support that Delivers Quality Customer Care

The challenge of balancing staff priorities between project demand and patient care leaves little room to address call volumes, wait times, and quality issue resolution. Our cost-effective approach allows your staff to focus on the job at hand while benefiting from Level 1 Help Desk and Level 2 Application support 24x7x365 for all Epic applications, legacy systems, and Connect. Your initial points of contact are a team of seasoned clinical and IS experts that not only provide timely solutions, they have operator experience across multiple disciplines that can provide quality resolutions for an ever-growing list of applications. From password resets to break/fix issues and beyond, we work with you remotely and on the ground to assist your staff with issue resolution that is customized to meet your specific needs.

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With the advancement of technology and configurability of Epic, many organizations are experiencing a spike in call volumes and struggle with balancing staff priorities between providing quality end-user support and managing wait times. This doesn’t have to be the case. Our team of dedicated help desk professionals are experienced and trained on each Epic application. They know where tickets should be routed resulting in higher first call resolutions and faster and more accurate Level 2 resolution rates. We systematically track the volume of calls and incident resolutions and deliver reports that measure our performance and quality of service. We can manage your local help desk, Connect, and your patient portal support desk and we’re committed to delivering professional, efficient, and quality customer care. Here’s what you can expect from our team:

  • Leverage ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Broad knowledge set
  • Initial point of contact
  • Captures incidental detail
  • Basic Epic, network, and desktop troubleshooting
  • Assistance with desktop application
  • Password resets
  • Escalate and coordinate with local IT staff
  • 100% US Based

Our support team is comprised of experts with years of application experience in the Epic realm. Many of our team members were former Epic employees and/or hospital analysts with direct operational experience. Our team goes beyond Epic and works closely with your organization to support other technology solutions that are important to you. Our philosophy is that Epic is a large part of a total solution and needs to be treated as such. The focus of our staff centers on Epic but their expertise and knowledge in other parts of the solution (integrated products, content, networking, integration, etc.) prepares them to support additional applications within your system. We will take the time to understand your complete portfolio and design a support structure that meets your organization’s complexity with the highest level of quality. Here’s what you can expect from our team:

  • Leverages ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Epic application support
  • Epic related third party application support
  • Focused on break/fix issues
  • Manage vendor engagement for tier three issues
  • Coordinate with local IT staff and third party vendor engagements
  • 100% U.S. Based

Staff Augmentation

Access to Quality People and Epic Expertise at the Lowest Price

Every aspect of the Epic platform requires a significant amount of resources to address project demand. Whether it’s an implementation, optimization or keeping up with updates and automatically enabled features, our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of Epic requirements, processes, and technology. We provide access to a large pool of professionals that enables you to select the specific skill set tailored to meet your needs at any time. From executive support to technical expertise and clinical experience, we fill in the gaps of your organization so your in-house staff can prioritize critical projects and patient care.  We place high importance on minimal disruption to your staff and position your team to provide quality patient care while reducing overall project spend.

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An Epic implementation typically takes a small army to execute. Our team is prepared to deliver executive support, program directors, project managers, and application/integration experts that have significant knowledge surrounding Epic requirements, processes, and technology. We operate a legacy system support center which if utilized, will lower cost resources and create a smooth transition during your Epic implementation. This is just one way our approach will reduce your overall project spend while meeting the increasing demands of the implementation. By collaborating with you on every aspect from planning (governance, change control, training, access, etc.) to go-live, we are positioned to support your complex IT strategies and projects.

Upgrades are essential to maintaining your system while continuing to make the most out of your investment. Epic will typically release updates 3 to 4 times a year with upgrade requirements attached to many of their programs. Keeping up with the schedule, automatically applied updates and ever-increasing release notes is a sizeable undertaking not to mention understanding the impact these updates have on your organization. Our experts can help reduce your staff’s overall review time by providing summaries and analysis of meaningful impacts and the intelligence to help you prioritize your needs. Additionally, we manage and implement additional features to maximize staff satisfaction, enhance patient outcomes, and improve system utilization in a cost-effective manner.

Epic’s most recent methodology has centered around implementing quickly and optimizing later. While this is a proven approach, we understand that there is a continuous list of system requirements that must be addressed ahead of optimization. Annual upgrades, new regulatory and reimbursement requirements, and new technology tends to take priority over optimization. These requirements coupled with implementation fatigue, decreasing budgets, and smaller IT staff means optimization must come with a definable benefit that exceeds the investment. Our team understands these challenges and leverages our years of operator and technical experience to understand your organization and culture, assess your platform, as well as identify and quantify areas of improvement. We work with you to deliver the system and workflow optimization you need so your organization can focus on quality patient care. We are committed to supporting your organization so we offer education and advanced documentation of every optimization to ensure the knowledge resides within your core team.

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