Expand Telehealth and Improve the Patient Experience

Epic Telehealth

In this mobile world, patients expect their caregivers to offer quick access to care yet many organizations don’t take advantage of the telehealth features available within Epic. Though organizations can improve access to care, quality, and lower costs through telehealth solutions, it requires significant effort due to the implementation and maintenance of these features. Nevertheless, as organizations expand their digital footprint, these tools are proving to be more and more valuable to the patient experience. For example, features including e-visits, video visits, e-consults, remote monitoring, telestroke, device monitoring, and EpicCare Link offerings have a direct impact on patient satisfaction. Benefits include:

  • Increased patient access to providers and specialists
  • Lower wait times
  • Reduced travel time
  • Extended reach into the patient community
  • Improved access to brick and mortar facilities for providers’ sickest patients

Providers also appreciate access to these options as they provide:

  • On-demand care
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Better management of at-risk patients
  • Lower costs of providing care

If your organization is planning to increase your telehealth footprint, you should focus on your prioritized areas of need. These projects should be geared toward the specialties and programs that will provide the highest benefit for your organization. Our team can provide advice and recommendations for how to build a strategic road map for telehealth and configure your Epic EHR to best support these goals.  For more details on the low-cost, short-term analysis we provide, you can download our solution overview here.

Next Steps:

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