MEDITECH 6.1x Registration: 5 Things to Consider

MEDITECH 6.1x Registration

When implementing MEDITECH 6.1x Registration application, there are multiple considerations to take into account that impact build hours and resource allocation. This application has enhanced functionality compared to prior versions and it needs to be approached as build of new application as opposed to an upgrade.

Here are 5 key considerations you should know before planning your build:


Questionnaires allow hospitals to customize registration screens which is a new enhancement to 6.1x. MEDITECH provides standard content questionnaires but these entries cannot be edited or used within the registration module. The build of custom questionnaires is significant and needs to be included when developing build hours and resources to complete build.

Customer Defined Screens

MEDITECH 6.1x customer defined screens need to be rebuilt if converting from prior MEDITECH version or built if converting from another system.  These screens allow capture of additional information not in standard registration screen.  Build hours will need to be allocated for build of these screens.

Work Lists

MEDITECH 6.1x allows Registration to build work lists that can be executed ad-hoc from the desktop.  These work lists can be powerful tool to help streamline and enhance registration processes that has positive impact on revenue cycle performance. The development of registration work lists is another item that requires additional resource hours to build and test.


Due to MEDITECH 6.1x being in MAT structure, any attribute in prior MEDITECH version will need to be rebuilt. If you’re converting from other vendor system, then rules will need to be developed from scratch.  Rules provide more functionality in the Registration application.


MEDITECH 6.1x provides various options to create Registration forms including face sheets, wrist bands and labels. These forms could be created and produced from MEDITECH or created and leveraged by a forms vendor for production.

Next steps

Our implementation work with many hospitals has helped us define best practices and create large inventory of dictionary entries that could be leveraged for your project. We offer pre-built questionnaires, customer defined screens, work lists and more that will accelerate the build process which ultimately, saves you time and money.

If you are considering implementing a new system or upgrading your current MEDITECH environment, our team would be happy to provide specific insight depending on your needs and answer any questions you might have.  Please contact us at or call us at (855) 276-9112.  We encourage you to subscribe to our blog to catch more insight on our MEDITECH expertise and experience.

We have a blog series on Meaningful Use Stage 3 available as an eBook for you to read if you are interested. To download, click the link below.

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